Servants of God

How can a minister…? Part 3

How can a minister read from a passage that he doesn’t reference in the sermon? He doesn’t have to preach from the passage that is being read. It is bliss enough to read the Bible and mull over it in your ow...

How can a minister…? Part 2

How can a minister read two separate passages of scripture that have absolutely nothing to do with each other and then force a link on them which just isn’t there? For example, in a recent sermon, the minister ...

How can a minister…? Part 1

How can a minister justify cutting his sermon short? The Rev doesn’t really understand the importance of time. On many occasions, he doesn’t even start work till late into the evening and finish in the early ho...

Are bad minister’s false prophets?

Before the Rev gets on to a new series of rants about ministers, it is important for you to know that the Rev is not a real minister. The examples from St. John Mark Luke Matthew’s New Saints World Life Covenan...
The Reverend Disaffected
giay nam depgiay luoi namgiay nam cong sogiay cao got nugiay the thao nu

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