The Reverend Disaffected is the current minister of St. John Mark Luke Matthew’s New Saints World  Life Covenant Church of God And Jesus Christ.

He graduated from the Calvin Whitefield Wycliffe Wesleyan Theological Divinity Institute Seminary University in 1960(ish).

He majored in Biblical Theology with particular focus on the original languages such as Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, Latin and King James Version English.

He also majored in Church History with particular focus on the Early Church, the Reformation, the Puritan era, the Great Awakening, the Victorian era and the Church post 1945.

He also majored in Biblical Ethics, Political Theology, Christology, Soteriology, Eschatology, Ecclesiology, Theological Anthropology and Supralapsarian Ontology.

He minored in putting the chairs out in church, making tea and buying biscuits.

He has practical experience in demonstrating outside of Prosperity Preaching events, challenging Christian Union members about their lack of knowledge generally, especially those Millennials and has engaged in upsetting people with his frank views and slightly misguided opinions.

He is supported by the Curate Zeal (imagine an American evangelical right, yes him) who is generally held with contempt amongst the congregation.

He admires the Reverend Retired who survived and is good friends with the Reverends Display, Apathetic, Heretical, Liberal and Stupid in the sense that he has very little time for them but they all studied together so he sits next to them at the bi-weekly minister’s conference.

The church is made up of a committee with various roles. He wanted to explain all the positions within the committee, but he can’t be bothered.


giay nam depgiay luoi namgiay nam cong sogiay cao got nugiay the thao nu
The Reverend Disaffected

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