Are bad minister’s false prophets?

Before the Rev gets on to a new series of rants about ministers, it is important for you to know that the Rev is not a real minister. The examples from St. John Mark Luke Matthew’s New Saints World Life Covenant Church of God And Jesus Christ, the Rev’s congregation, are for effect only. In fact St. John’s (for short) does not even exist.

The Rev used to be a minister but gave up the ministry because, besides anything else, he wasn’t very good at it. He was not an eloquent or articulate preacher. He did not have a love for the congregation as he should and he could not justify doing the job just for the attention. He has a good general understanding of the Bible but that is not enough to become a ‘slave to the body of Christ’. He lives with the regret of failing in the ministry, but he still finds time to impart his knowledge to those who will listen (usually in café’s with friends and acquaintances).

Ultimately the Rev gave up because he didn’t know what a minister should be. In fact, since he braved the world from the pulpit, now he believes that minister’s shouldn’t exist at all. The church is made up of thousands upon thousands of people, all with different gifts and abilities. And together they form the one body of Christ. So there is no such thing as a ‘man for all seasons’ as far as minister’s are concerned. A ‘Minister’, ’Pastor’, etc. as far as 21st Century British Evangelicalism is concerned is a complete misnomer. Nobody can in all seriousness do all that is expected of him whereby the rest of the congregation gets an easy ride.

Some bigger churches can afford more than one employee whereby, perhaps fortunately or otherwise, there is a mix of abilities amongst the full-time staff. This is a rarity in the UK however. But this is all beside the point to the topic of this article however. The Rev was not a false prophet, even though he was a bad minister. In fact there are very few evangelical ministers who can be rightly defined as false prophets. Their intentions are genuine; their love for Jesus is as real as those who are noted for being competent in the ministry. Their hatred for sin, their devotion to the Bible and their love for fellow believers is just as true.

But there are ministers who are bad for various different reasons. One of the main reasons is for the content that comes out of their mouths on a Sunday morning. And the Bible is very clear in this situation, “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” James 3:1

The Rev is going to go on to explore what makes a bad minister. It is good for you to know that the Rev is attempting to be constructive in his criticism, though it doesn’t always come out that way. All ministers can improve, just as all Policeman or Nurses or Accountants can. But the verse from James is vital to note before taking up this profession.

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