After a hard day of practising for his then forthcoming “Hey everyone, look at me” Sunday morning adulteration of what might be described as praise, Michael W. Smith sat down with a big bag of non-fat potato chips, a large chilled root beer and his favourite movie, the Bodyguard.

Michael is always on the lookout for new material, especially if it sounds just like something that has prominence in popular culture. This occasion was no exception. His philosophy assumes that he must appear to be leading God’s people in a new way, i.e. writing new songs all the time, just so that no one gets comfortable. Michael regularly churns out self-focused P&W songs which clearly demonstrates to his congregation that effective Christian work is all about change and as such if you stay the same, clearly you’re not spiritual enough.

Just as Kevin Costner fell in love in that split second, so Micheal was also memorised by Whitney’s “I will always love you”. “Breathe” was quick to follow. You’ll notice the huge emphasis on “Iiiiiiiiiii, (up a tone) Iiiiiiiiii, (down a tone) Iii, (down another tone), Iiii, (up a tone) Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii”. Like so many modern Christian singer songwriters, Michael pays lip service to Jesus. He may get a mention every now and again. Any explanation of why we should praise Jesus Christ the Lord is non existent.

Needless to say the Rev won’t be using it in any of his forth coming services. In fact, he may continue with this vitriol for a few more posts.

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