How can a minister…? Part 3

How can a minister read from a passage that he doesn’t reference in the sermon?

He doesn’t have to preach from the passage that is being read. It is bliss enough to read the Bible and mull over it in your own mind, though granted that is probably not why you went to church that morning. It is generally accepted that the service will include some kind of theme and have focus on a specific purpose, a lesson if you will. So it doesn’t quite sit right if a passage is read which makes no appearance in the minister’s sermon afterwards?

Indeed, some churches read just one passage in the service and the minister preaches on something completely different. In many churches the Rev has had the misfortune to visit, the Bible is not even read at all. In others, the sermon consists of a 5 minute feel-good message that you can find in a cheap novel.

But why do ministers intend on confusing the sheep of their congregation by suggesting that a sermon will include a passage that has been read and then giving no attention to it at all. The Rev has no idea why.

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