The Morality of a Moral Man

While acquainting himself with all the the Christian Institute (CI) has to offer, the Rev came across the section which grades MPs’ (Members of Parliament) voting activity regarding “moral” issues, i.e. who voted against abortion, homosexual marriage, gambling, drug taking, euthanasia, banning parents from hitting their children and of course shopping on a Sunday.

In it, the CI gives a comprehension list of votes that MPs partook in. One MP caught the Rev’s eye. His name is Christopher Chope. You can see his “moral” choices here. Christopher Chope marks on the “Saint” grade according to the CI. In the few occasions that he didn’t meet the CI’s mark of “moral”, he abstained or wasn’t present. So we’ll let him off those.

Interestingly, Christopher Chope voted against amending the Energy Bill on 4th July 2013, which included:

“Reform of the energy market with “regard” to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, securing supply, considering costs to consumers and an EU target of 15% of UK energy to be supplied from renewable sources by 2020.”

Presumably that is because the Biblical directive on all human beings to be good stewards of the earth and to look after it, is in fact, not a moral issue. Indeed, it’s a sup-plantation of  “Fake News” that seeks to limit economic growth.

Christopher Chope did make headlines in June 2018 “when he shouted “object” during its second reading in the Commons, meaning it could not be put through to the next stage without debate and a vote, which will not happen for some weeks.” (City AM, 18 June 2018) The bill was designed to criminalise people for taking photos of what lies under a girl’s skirt. The CI do not consider flagrant voyeurism to be a moral issue. Good to know.

Here, Christopher Chope defends his “moral” decision to object to the bill:

Christopher Chope seems to be suggesting that all he wanted was for Parliament to debate the issue. Which seems fair enough. Though on the surface of it, since it will be passed into law anyway, you have to wonder why he objected to this in the first place, unless he truly believes that should people should be allowed to photograph up a skirt. He doesn’t say and now, through peer pressure, he never will.

The Rev is not concerned with the “moral” choices of MPs. He cares very little for political machinations at the best of times. Nor is he concerned with christian organisation enforcing “morality” and doing absolutely nothing to convince people of the love of God through Jesus Christ. But he would be interested to know if the CI will update its categorisation of moral choices for Christopher Chope to include his objection here.


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