The Rev has taken to song writing….

In the past, the Rev has demonstrated a certain amount of angst against modern song writers. Now, in a vain attempt to “bring the establishment down from within”, he’s hoping to introduce some new songs which may or may not become popular. He’s hoping they will, otherwise his plan to slowly steer the faithful away from the dross of modern christian music with ever increasingly robust God-centred songs will fall at the first hurdle.

Having snatched lines from current ditties doing the rounds in many famous and populous churches in London, this is his first attempt at compiling a modern christian classic, a true anthem if you will……


My minds made up,

There is a song that must be sung,

“I’m running to You,

And I stand.”


Unified, hear us cry at the top of our lungs,

Beneath our skin,

And we’re singing these songs,



This will be my story,

And this cloak of sadness.

Keep my eyes above the waves.

It’s the overflow.


The time is up for chasing shadows,

I will keep on singing,

When I feel the cold of winter,

Are you ready?


N.B. Just so you know, the Rev stole these lyrics from the following songs, none of which (it should be noted) are actively being promoted by the Rev or anyone in his association (i.e. no-one, just the Rev).


My minds made up (My future decided, HillSong)

There is a song that must be sung (Friend of Sinners, Matt Redman)

And I stand (I Adore, HillSong)

I’m running to You (I live for you, HillSong)


And we’re singing these songs (Breathing the Breath, Matt Redman)

Beneath our skin (Empires, HillSong)

Unified hear us cry at the top of our lungs (My future decided, HillSong)

Always (I Adore, HillSong)


This will be my story (Befriended, Matt Redman)

And this cloak of sadness (Song of Solomon, Martin Smith)

Keep my eyes above the waves (Oceans, HillSong)

It’s the overflow (Dancing Generation, Matt Redman)


The time is up for chasing shadows (Relentless, HillSong)

I will keep on singing (10,000 Reasons, Matt Redman)

When I feel the cold of winter (Song of Solomon, Martin Smith)

Are you ready (Ready or not, HillSong)

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